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Delivering a great customer experience is the most cost-effective strategy for success.

80% of Customers delete an App within 1 month.*

In order to win over a customer, an App needs to provide immediate value.

* Andrew Chen, Uber Growth Team

It costs 5x to acquire new customers than keep existing ones.*

When it comes to Apps, customer “churn” is expensive. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

* Alan E. Webber, Forrester Research

Increasing retention rates by just 5% increases profits 70%.*

Satisfied customers are the drivers for the future growth of your business.

* Bain & Company, Zero Defections

A great customer experience defines your brand.

Delivering successful software projects is challenging.

39% of projects fail due to a lack of resource and activity planning.*

It seems obvious that if you don’t plan, you won’t succeed. But how do you plan for something you’ve never done before?

* Spikes Cavell, Finance Survey

Projects with budgets of over $1M are 50% more likely to overrun than those of $350K.*

When the cost of failure is higher, so are the chances.

* Lars Mieritz, Gartner

All projects overrun their budget by an average of 27%.*

Tight management is the key to success. After all, it’s your money, spend it wisely.

* Harvard Business Review

A great customer experience is defined by software.

Let’s build the App your customers want.

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